About Us

About us

FitnessReanimated is a Swedish active sportswear company operating in USA and Sweden. Our passion for an active lifestyle, combined with a belief that we all should express our unique personality, developed into the rainbow-colored company we are today :).  

FitnessReanimated vision:

"When you shine on the inside, you sparkle on the outside"

We should all wear clothes that energize and inspire us. A healthy life includes both a physical and a mental part. The clothes should make us feel great. Why wear black when we can wear clothes that energize us, and look fabulous at the same time!

Sports leggings and yoga pants must be practical, durable, comfortable and be able to adjust to your active lifestyle. Our sports leggings are of top quality and can be used in any gym moves, such as squats, high flexibility yoga, stretching and is guaranteed non-see through. 

Last thing we want is that our leggings rip or tear at some particular move, or slide uncomfortably. That is why we provide high quality, colorful and cute sports leggings (yoga pants) that can be worn in any situation. 

At fitnessReanimated we have made it our mission to provide:

  • A range of unique, colorful and innovative sports leggings 
  • Leggings with durable stitching that will withstand squats, flexible yoga sessions, stretching and cardio workout
  • Products materials that breaths well during exercise
  • Materials that are silky smooth and comfortable against your body
  • A range of eco-sports leggings that are made from recycled pet bottles.
  • And quality at low, affordable prices.

We strive to always provide unique products that radiates positivity. We strive to make our products as affordable as possible so that you can enjoy them regardless of the size of your wallet. 

But unique and innovative active wear is not the only benefit.

Ecology commitment

At fitnessReanimated, we believe that we ought to work towards a better future, an ecologically sustainable future. We respect the nature and the planet. Working for an eco-friendlier future is not only essential for our wellbeing and health today, but is also critical for the next generation.

We support ecological initiatives, primarily in the form of buying forests. When you buy sportswear from fitnessReanimated, we together, help combat deforestation. We work with charity organizations that focuses on this mission. We also have a range of yoga pants that are made from recycled pet bottles. Plastic in our oceans are a massive problem for our eco-system, and by transforming pet bottles into yoga pants, we can save our oceans as well as look good doing it :) !    

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